“Can Christians Have Fun?”

So many singles DM’d me on my last video post about being a Christian our lives aren’t boring. Many asked me to give some suggestions or ideas on what you can do being a single Christian, whether it’s with friends or just doing something solo. So I decided to blog about this topic.

Let me say this first, you must know your interest and hobbies on what YOU enjoy because what may be fun to me may not be fun to you. I will be honest, I’m a simple girl and it doesn’t take a whole lot for me. But you on the other hand maybe different. However, let me say this, being a Christian your life doesn’t have to be boring and I want you to stop believing this myth and those close minded or should I say “super saints” that tells you, you can’t do this or that because you’re going to hell. Live your life baby, life is too short and God has blessed us with it and He wants us to enjoy it. Now when I say live your life I’m not talking about doing some craziness that you know will bring conviction like turning up in Magic City and throwing some ones or turning up in a night club. Naw! Not that kind of fun LOL. There are some things you can do that is wholesome and fun. I’m not sure where everyone is at, I know it’s hard when you live in a small town, you don’t have that many options. Therefore you may have to travel to your nearest big city. But to those who live in big cities like Atlanta we have more options. So here goes!

With me I love anything that involves Food & Music. I will go to a nice lounge/restaurant that plays live music, or some good old R&B.

Wine tasting is another option if you drink wine.

Dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Movies or Karaoke bar.

Sips & Strokes where you do the painting.

Game night with friends.

Dave & Busters or Main Event.

Become a foodie where you just go try different restaurants to explore different cultures.


Attend different events local in the area. Christian play dates to get to know other Christians in the area (not to date but to gain friendship).


Comedy Shows (there are Christian comedians out here).

Join a safe meet up group to meet new people.

When football season starts or now basketball season go to a nice bar and sit at the bar and eat and have some conversations about sports. Singles we can’t be close minded, there is nothing wrong with conversing.

Explore a Museum.

Cafe Shop.

Well I hope this helps and just to name a few things you can do. I’m sure it’s much more but YOU have to discover what YOU enjoy if it’s just sitting at home every weekend watching others have fun while you’re in the house🤷🏽‍♀️

I hope in this season you will get out and enjoy and EMBRACE your singleness. You should keep yourself so busy that you don’t have time to date because you’re busy enjoying life. Life is a precious gift by God. I want you to enjoy every inch of singleness so when you do marry you won’t have any regrets wishing you were still single or had the opportunity to explore this or that while single.

Keep Embracing xoxo

Collette C.


“Why I AM Single”

annoyed-black-woman face

Do you ever get asked that one question that annoys every single the most? “Why are you single?” Sure, you do! I know that question irk my nerves than anything else especially when it comes from the people who are close to you.

So, to sum up mines and to help encourage you, I will explain why I am still single.

Well to be honest I AM Single by CHOICE!! If I really wanted to be in a relationship or be out here dating just for fun with no purpose, I would be in one. It’s not like I am a bad catch, like I cannot get a man. I just choose not to waste my time and my heart on a “nothing dude” and what I mean by that a “nothing dude” is dating someone with no purpose, just dating for fun and killing time. Nope, I can’t risk my valuable time and my heart. My heart is on reserve for the one God has for me. Singles, understand your worth. Stop wasting time by dating someone who isn’t willing to put a ring on it. Ladies, you deserve a ring, not a lifetime girlfriend. Men, you deserve more also, not to carry the title of a lifetime boyfriend. Stop settling if you desire more. Singleness is not a season to be waste. I stress this all the time, you have work to do in this season. God isn’t ready to release you just yet.

I remember when I got serious with God, when my heart was tired and exhausted of being broken. It was like, I couldn’t take it anymore and I knew God had more for me and I needed some real healing. I was tired of looking for a man to fill the void I was missing in my heart that could only be fulfilled by God. Singles, you must stop thinking your boo can heal you or make you feel better. The greatest healing, happiness, and love is found in Christ. Let God Complete you!

As I stated before, my heart was tired, and I wanted God’s best. I got serious and went to God in prayer and asked Him to hide me under His wings and keep me hidden until His best finds me. I also prayed for discernment to be able to identify those counterfeits. It’s crazy how God operates; if I meet someone and they aren’t the one God shuts it down before it goes anywhere. I am so grateful He does because I cannot be out here catching feelings for a man who isn’t God’s best for my life. I am so grateful for all the bullets I have dodged lately. I remember two years ago, I met a guy that I dated for a short time before God end it. God shut down game is strong in my life!  God saw the intentions of the guy. I ignored the red-flags. The relationship was headed in destruction, where he was pulling me away from God and my ministry slowly. To be honest, he didn’t support it, like I needed him to. I knew right then and there he wasn’t the one, but I was trying to make him the one. I know the man God has for me will support my ministry. To make a long story short, God end it and my feelings was hurt. But when I look back on it I am grateful He did.

There are times, I will find myself upset with God when I go periods of time not meeting anyone or questioning God why no one will approach me. God always reminds me; didn’t you tell me to keep you hidden until the one I have for you finds you. God reminds me those rejections are for my protection.

However, there are some things I am working on also within myself I would like to improve on. I want to make sure I am healed so I will not be bringing any extra baggage’s in my next relationship. It will not be fair for my future companion to pay for what my ex did or repair a damaged heart. Remember ladies, only God can repair your broken heart. I will say this all the time, when healing from a broken heart, you don’t heal overnight. It takes time.

Singles, I encourage you to work on YOU in this season and wait on God’s best. Don’t feel discourage because all your friends or the people you see on social media who are dating and posted up with their boo. How do you know if that relationship is a God thing? Some people pretend well, you are only on the outside looking in. You keep trusting and believing God for yours. It’s coming soon, but you can’t keep siting down watching your clock.

So, the next time someone tells you, “you are picky”, you tell them it is called PURPOSE. When you have a calling on your life you cannot be out here just dating anything or anyone that pass you by. It could cost your purpose.

In closing, singles I pray you will take heart and embrace singleness because it is a beautiful gift that God desires for us to embrace. Once you understand the true beauty you will take advantage of this season and realize you do not have to be out here dating like it is going out of style. I pray you have a change of heart and surrender this season to God and become single by choice instead of dating a random because you’re bored, lonely, desperate, vulnerable, or because everyone around you is dating. Know and Understand YOUR TRUE WORTH!!!!

Keep Embracing,

Collette C.

Unhappy People Are Dangerous 

Have you ever been UNHAPPY and mad at the world and even God? You felt like a neglected child. It feels like you are in a world all alone and God has neglected you. It feels like your life is wrecked or falling into shambles. I’m sure you have felt this way before! It’s called “LIFE”. 
Singles and Readers, I discovered my heart was still aching from some things in my past I thought I let go but I didn’t. My heart was damaged years ago and I’m still healing from it. Readers, it’s time to “Heal” like never before and discover the root of our pain that’s causing us to not let go. We must RELEASE all our pain, hurt, and brokenness to God. 

Healing in all aspects is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Sometimes you have to take time out for YOU. 

I didn’t want to blog on this subject because it truly hits home. But I’m being obedient to the Father, so I can help someone else. About two months ago I found myself unhappy, broken, emotions all over, upset cause I’m still single and I’m not getting any younger, comparing my life to others, fighting with my flesh, and slightly headed into depression AGAIN (yes again). I will admit I struggle with emotional depression from time to time. When I feel it coming, I have to pull away and get myself in order without any distractions and refocus and regroup when I feel that demon depression trying to sneak up. I felt overwhelmed having panic attacks and stressing with my personal and professional life along with trying to maintain my ministry. I knew something was wrong with me when my best friend of 15 years told me she was starting to worry about her friend “me”. See you all see “Embrace Your Singleness” Collette but not the everyday Collette. The one people think she has it all together and living the good life. The one who makes her struggle look good on the outside, but deep down she’s hurting and unhappy. The one who can hardly pray for herself at times. The one who cries herself to sleep almost every night. The one who tries to make sure everybody else is fine but often forget to take care of herself. The one who tries to be a loyal friend and stay in contact with her friends. The one who is always encouraging others but don’t take the time to encourage herself and often forget she needs encouraging too. The one who is constantly under attack and always battling with a spiritual warfare. 

Lately I have been feeling stuck in a dead end, especially when it comes to my career (personal life). A month ago I broke down and cried my eyes out like a helpless child asking God to help me! I told Him no longer will I try to figure this out. I told God I’m taking my hands off the situation. Let YOUR WILL be done not mine. I heard God clearly when He told me to get off of social media and to seek His face. I had to SURRENDER all over to Him and give Him my entire life. That same night I was reading one of my devotional books and God confirmed it that night in His word that I needed to pull away from this crazy world and just seek His face. God told me “you have not Collette because you ask not”. I realize I wasn’t giving Him all my petitions. I was carrying my own burdens and didn’t realize it and that’s why I had a melt down with the heavy burden I was carrying. It’s crazy how we will worry ourselves to death about something instead of placing it in our Fathers hands. Whoever is reading this and whatever you are facing give it to God RIGHT NOW and let Him handle the rest. 

I encourage you to take time out for yourself and disconnect from certain people who cannot help build you up when you’re feeling down. It’s like putting a bandage on that open wound that will never heal. When you are hurting and trying to heal, you need to surround yourself with positive Christian people who will hold you accountable and can pray for you not PREY. That’s exactly what I am doing, working on Collette how to become a better person and letting God heal all my open wounds and learning to forgive myself and the past pain. If it is a boyfriend or girlfriend or any dysfunctional relationship you’re in that is weighing you down. I encourage you to escape and get your HAPPINESS back. You deserve to be happy and smile again. Let Psalm 34:18 be your prayer: The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and he rescue those spirits whose are crushed. That scripture has been ministering to me in this season.

   I love you all so much with a Godly love and I appreciate your support. I pray my story blesses each reader. Please comment below and let me know what you think. God bless each and everyone of you. 
As I always say!
Keep Embracing, 

Collette, EYS Ministry

“Stop Running To People For Healing”

In this season of singleness let God heal you from all hurt & pain from your past. Stop dating out of convenience or thinking it’s going to heal you from past relationships because it will not. God is the ONLY one who can heal you from brokenness! I remember a time in my life I would just got my heart broken & rush to be in a new relationship with someone else because I felt like my new boyfriend would help me get over my ex. I didn’t allow myself to heal from all heartache & pain & I would carry all that hurt & drama in my new relationship where it would just add more pain to it. I placed my value in men & felt like I had to have a man I was afraid of loneliness. I’m so grateful God has heal me in that area that I don’t need a man to fill a void! I’ve come along way over the years & God is still working on me in areas where needed! So to my singles if this is you–use this season to work on YOU! Let God heal YOU first before you enter in a new relationship.   

I pray for all my singles who may be facing this putting their value in people. I pray God will heal you & you will allow Him too. 

Love your sister in Christ,



You Will Suffer As A Christian

“Why do we have to suffer?” “If God truly loves us, why do all the bad things happen to us?” I hear such questions often. For years, people have wrestled with those questions, and they still haven’t discovered the answers. I don’t even try to answer the questions. I do make one comment, however: “If God only blessed us after we became believers–if He took away all suffering, hardship, and turmoil for Christians–wouldn’t it be a way to bribe people into the faith?”
That’s not the way God works. The Lord wants us to come to Him out of love and because we know we’re needy–so needy that only He can fill those needs for us.
The reality is that from the time of birth until we go home to be with Jesus, we will suffer at times. Some have harder tasks than others, but suffering is still suffering.
I also think that when people watch us as we turn to God for help in our hardships and they see our victories, it provides a witness to them. That witness may not always make them turn to Christ, but it does show God’s presence in our lives and makes them aware of what they’re missing.
The other day I had a new thought: Suffering results in thanksgiving. When our lives turn chaotic and we don’t know what to do, we turn to the Lord for help, and He answers our prayers and sets us free. God speaks to us and comforts us. And the result is that we’re thankful.
The time between suffering and thanksgiving is when the devil truly attacks our thoughts. He may begin by saying, “If God really loved you, you would not have to go through this.” The truth is, we’ll have problems if we’re believers; we’ll have problems if we’re nonbelievers. But as believers, we’ll also have victories. As believers in Jesus Christ, we can have peace in the midst of the storm. We can enjoy our lives during the hardships because we truly believe that God is working on our behalf to bring deliverance.
Pray: My Master and my God, forgive me for always wanting an easy life. I admit that I don’t want to suffer, and I don’t like it when things go wrong. But I ask you to help me have a good attitude & trust you to bring good out of it. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

You Are Treasured By God

If I had to think of one thing that all woman have in common, I think I would say that we all have a deep desire to be loved and cherished by a man. Some have been victims of every kind of abuse imaginable from the very beginning. Others don’t really know where it all went wrong, but clearly, it went wrong somewhere.

Many have decided that there’s nothing loveable or desirable about themselves, therefore; they have given up the idea of ever being loved. Others keep shooting in the dark hoping they will eventually find the love that is missing in their lives. I want YOU to know that you are Loved, you are Cherished, and you are of great value! You are of such value that God saw you as a treasure. He gave the most valuable thing he had so that you could be His.

What did He give? God gave His only son Jesus, the very best thing he had, so that you could be His. He loves and cherishes you. There is no love greater than His love for you.

Don’t you want to experience the love of God in your life? Please open your heart to him and let him come in. He will fill the emptiness and longings for love that you have. It is up to you to invite Him into your life. He will never barge in as badly as He wants to be a part of your life, he will wait to be invited. Won’t you invite him into your Heart right now?

Pray this prayer: Dear God, thank you that I’m worth something in your eyes. Thank you that you sent Jesus to die on a cross so that I could be saved from my sins and saved from hell. I invite you into my heart right now. Come in and be the Lord of my life. Forgive me of my sins and give me a new life in Christ Jesus. Thank you Jesus for saving me and coming into my life. In Jesus name,


Complete With Christ

I have a million reasons to smile; I would have never known God could use someone like me. I’ve come along way over the years. When I think of the old me I know God is REAL (my life was a mess) don’t get me wrong I am still a work in progress. I would have never thought I would be so complete living for Christ. It has brought me so much Joy, Peace & Love. I just want everybody around the world to experience God’s LOVE. I tell people all the time before my relationship with Christ my life was so empty and I placed my value in the wrong things. I pray that whoever is reading this will get to experience his everlasting love and power!!! God is waiting on YOU; don’t put it off later do it Now!